How frequently do Married Couples Engage in sexual activity?

As a married guy, you’ve likely heard that union slows down your sex life. It’s definitely up to the couple and can change a lot, in reality. In reality, some married couples have a regular frequency and that’s completely normal. There are also a some essential elements that must be taken into account for you and your spouse to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

The earliest thing to keep in mind is the fact that it’s crucial not to use the average as your benchmark.” Everyone is different and there are a lot of variables“, says Smithtown gender therapist Dr. Peter Kanaris. He has witnessed anything, from romantic relationships 12 to 14 days per week to couples who have little to no intercourse.

It all depends on your individual and actual requirements, whether you only want to include intercourse once per week or twice per month.” Sex does n’t have to be a big deal or something to look forward to each day”, he adds. ” If you’re joyful with the intimacy you have, that’s all that issues”.

In addition to unique requires, the number of occasions you and your spouse choose to have love-making can rely on outside components like work, youngsters, tension, and funds. Plus, as you age, your appetite is minimize, which can influence the amount of time you spend up physically. Additional causes of decreased sexual desire include erectile dysfunction, peyronie’s condition, or male-specific erectile dysfunction, among others, and vaginal dryness.

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