Bride Tradition in Russia

When it comes to ceremonies, every society has its cultures— and Russia is no exception. Russian lovers still celebrate some pretty special moments at their nuptials, whether they’re traditional folk customs or ones with a more contemporary spin.

One illustration of this is when the bride’s companions steal her footwear after the ceremony. The wedding then has to spend them to get it back— but the longer they kiss over it, the stronger their relationship is believed to be! Guest shouting “gor’ko!” is another common custom. after the couple’s initial sip is consumed. Because of this, the partners had to kiss to lighten their drinks because they felt terrible. Their love is strong as a result.

Usually, the engagement or betrothal ceremony was held three days before the actual bride. The couple may rinse their heads and give their families portraits on arrival at the groom’s home. On the second day, they would drown and go to the chapel. Ultimately, they’d devote the second day at the couple’s residence, where they’d eat and drink.

When a couple gets married, it used to be a need to include two testimonies, or svideteli, with them. However, this has become less and less frequent. Today, it’s typically up to the couple to request witness service for their legal or wedding ceremonies. Additionally, the couple has the option of having their testimonies wear a unique belt to set them apart from other friends. One thing that has n’t changed much, though, is the ritual of smashing crystal glasses at the end of the reception. The more pieces they create, the more glad times they’re believed to possess!

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